We Grow Small, We Grow Stupid

by Guppy

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Order tape here from Skeletal Lightning: www.skeletallightning.net/products/556220-guppy-we-grow-small-we-grow-stupid-tape

100 copies on Gold Metallic tapes. Features full color, hand-numbered j-cards and labels house in a clear cassette case.

Art by Victoria Marcetti


released September 25, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Chuck Lavelle at Shakespeare's Pub in Kalamazoo,MI

Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


Guppy Kalamazoo, Michigan


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Track Name: B'jinx'd
I'm not that frightened anymore.

It's okay, I'm fine. It's just been a fucking long time. In this house with these ghosts and now you tell me it was all a joke.
Track Name: Gimme Your Fingernails
It's the sweetest thing to be inside your brain.
My hand in your hair, your hair in my face.
You'll try to fall asleep, I'll try to stay awake.

I think I'll try my luck at giving you a kiss.
Cold concrete and glaring eyes of those who won't be missed.
Davis St. trapped in my head, there is only one thought that seems to stick.
When and where will I see you again.

So i'll write you a song and you'll make me a gift.
Sometimes life is hard to swallow.
Where ever you go, I know you'll come back and I'd do the same for you.

It's all that I said, cup your mouth.
Track Name: Chaoticratboi1
Shotgun your soul into mine.
Let's waste away this night.
Chemicals will rot your tongue and put your friends to shame.

In one ear and out the other.
Your constant rambling has become deafening.
I won't twist your arm, if you wont yell at me.
Who are these people killing my buzz?

And if you can't let it go, we'll just talk about it tomorrow.
Track Name: Thanks For Nothing
It spreads like a poison slow and out of control.
This sinking feeling bores straight through my skull.

And when I wake up, it's all that I know.
Boulders of nothing are crushing my soul

Sometimes I feel like the scum of the earth.
To pull the covers off is more work than its worth.
Track Name: We Grow Small
It makes my stomach sick to know that you quit.
Those years can waste you until its all shit.
Yeah i'll get over it, in fact I already have.
You look so happy in those picture you hid in the basement next to the chess set. Now there is a look on your face. Checkmate.

Memories you'll just forget.
I'll try my best to never be like that.
Repetition has no effect.
Let's just talk about the weather instead.

Your pretty long hair is a thing of the past.
And now you're wasted.
Track Name: Grumple
In this season of snot, I think I'd rather not go outside. A cold hearts paradise. I'll dream of summer months where I can't get stucks. Arms of golden skin to make me feel again.

I'll just lay low for a little while.
I'll just lay low when I can't fake a smile.
I'll just lay low.

Cursed by the cold, rip the air from my lungs.
This is all that I have, this is where I call home.