by Guppy

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released May 5, 2017

Recorded in December 2016 at Sun Spot Studios by Mike Shuur
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Shuur

Artwork/Album Layout by Victoria Marcetti



all rights reserved


Guppy Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Track Name: Bubby
my first love
charmed im sure
put your tongue away
you have no words

scratch my skull // dark eyes glow // thats how i'll know

stretched out to meet me
with your fangs drawn
you don't have to blink
just keep staring on

i wanna know
what's in your mind
but i'll never know
Track Name: Hi'jinx'd
refuse to be confused
it's a notion that we're all used to
your face looks backwards
some honest chatter to take the place of what we're all after

honest chatter on the paper
the ink is smeared

this could be exactly what you need to fucking breathe
just breathe, take two second, just breathe

the sharpest arrow is often broken but it's not over till the quiver is empty
Track Name: Do It Up Big
i'm still punching at walls only to find that you're still a ghost
fade away when i get to close

i've only got one life so i think i might drown in this painting of you
all the colors have become subdued

take me down to where you linger
Track Name: Cooper S.
sick of earth // tired of tangled lives
i'm off to mars // i'll be blue there instead
the friends i have // i don't appreciate enough
i'll cut through vines // i'll try to have a better time

now i know too much and i understand that closed eyes are bliss but i wont just sit here and pretend
Track Name: We Grow Stupid
don't think // cringing
waste time // stay high

everything feels numb but it's not that bad
stop fucking up and live your life

the thickness of air dulls my senses
the dirt in the grooves has got me thinking...

waste time // stay high
Track Name: Charm Type
my legs are asleep and so are you
blink if you trust me, one time or two
i wanna know whats in your mind
i'll never know what you think of me
i'll never know

i'll follow you there
trash on the stairs, i'll follow you there
days of comfort
our talks go nowhere

scratch my skull
Track Name: Bzzt
part of me wants to sleep till i'm dead
a broken synapse i'm trying to mend

a tightness in my chest
lets me know that i'm done
sharpen the knife, slice it open
re-spark the light, end of the tunnel

welcome judgement to clear the air
i won't like it at first but i need to be aware
Track Name: I Don't Know What Stress Is
restless fingers
crooked patterns and bending shapes that keep me sane
the worst song i've ever written on constant loop inside my head

and you looked at me, you said i like to think that i dont know what stresses me out

my spirit is like a carcass smeared across the interstate for everyone to see and these pills are for anxiety so i'll wash them down with a hot cup of coffee
will there ever be a balance where i don't feel this way
Track Name: Almost Anything Else
hey leonardo
i sing it to myself
the simplest of phrases
to remind and realign

untwist my guts
lets get comfortable
simple phrases remind
Track Name: Chapstick
snap awake
our dead date is when we die
and i know its true
crystals and sage clean my home, reconnect

can i borrow your chapstick?
i wanna feel whats on your lips
and then we'll be so good at this

when i woke up it was all there was
so i reconfigured it and lit candle
i'll smudge it out